We are expertise in wooden packing industry since many years, and we provide solutions to keep your products safe and globally exportable. We ensure to serve good quality product while we take care of our client needs such as customization, wood selection, galvanization, wrapping, etc.

We providing various wooden packing and transporting solutions such as crates, pallets, boxes and also customized solutions for packing and transporting machineries, goods and other exportable products.

Our products are not only standardized for requirements, they are also ready to export to international markets as we undergo quality testing process to match our standards and client requirements. We have many solutions for treating our products, ensuring safety and protecting your valuable goods.

About us

We are into packing solution providers, we provide various products and services for packing simple items to large industrial equipments, while we keep our trust in aiding our clients with good quality products and services.

We are into the industry since 80's and we established this firm in the year 1995. In this course of time, we had a extensive experience serving our valuable clients for more than 2 decades.

During this we tried to match our client requirements while keeping our quality and service at the best. We enhanced our service to another extent introducing various methods of wood treating, anti-aging and anti-rust process to match international standard for exporting their valuable products. We also taken measure to understand safety of products while transporting.

We manufacture wooden and plywood crates, pallets and boxes for packing and transporting needs. We also support customization of these products according to our client requirements.

We do not have any limitations, either it is in small scale or in a large scale. We promise to keep up our quality and service to the best while we deliver within committed time.


We provide various services to prevent our products from rusting, corrosion, aging, pests and insects using following treatments such as

  • Anti-rust | Metal corrosion prevention | Rust Prevention Treatment
  • Heat Treatment
  • Chemical | Fumigation Treatment
  • Galvanization | Electroplating

We also provide other service to match our client requirements such as additional separators, corrugation of boxes, plastic or polyethylene covers, safety indicators, flute boards attachments, steel strapping, plastic strapping, polyethylene bags, chemical sprays, other wrapping materials such as Hessian cloth wrapping, HDPE ( High-Density PolyEthylene ) thermoplastic wrapping, Bubble wrapping, Clampings, etc.

We provide various types of wood solutions using rubber wood, pine wood, silver oak wood, acacia wood, other tree wood and also plywood for manufacturing crates, pallets and boxes.

We also provide customization of pallets, boxes and crates according to our client needs in any scale.

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